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[column size=”1-2″ last=”0″]If you are an individual who wishes to sign up to the Fight Nomads network, please do so in the form below. It is 100%, completely free and offers you a number of exclusive member benefits including discounted training rates at our network of affiliated clubs!  Make sure you also signup to our newsletter. Where you’ll get early bird access to future training camps. Access to video messages from the attending coaches and fighters. As well as special members-only discounts on branded Nomads gear and street swag. Join the Tribe…

Note: If you are a club/academy owner, please check out our Club affiliates page for more information on being added to our network.


Members Recieve:

  • Early Bird access to our upcoming training camp schedules. When, where and who are the coaches?

  • Personalised video messages from the attending coaches and fighters.

  • Exclusive members-only discount on Nomads apparel range.

  • 25% off first affiliated club membership payment, private class and club apparel.

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