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The Very Best Ideas On How To Store Soap In A Gym Bag

Some fight club soap being carefully stored.

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The majority of body wash products contain a laundry list of chemicals. A far better option to go for is natural soaps. And not being allowed to bring a large bottle of liquid on a plane, a solid block then seems like the best all-around option. So what is the best way to store soap in a gym bag?

There are numerous ways in which to store your favourite soap in a gym bag or for travel. From soapboxes, natural bags and new on-the-market soap cases. These will all help in keeping both your soap and gym bag clean and in great condition.

Now, if you are like most people and believe much of the marketing which surrounds body washes and shower gels. You would think that these were the best options when it comes to keeping your body clean and fresh.

But simple handmade soaps, with natural antiseptic and scents. Really is a better option when it comes to people who regularly train and travel.

And with many gyms and dojos having onsite showers. As well as the fact that you may very well be travelling to another country to train. Unsure of what products are available there and what they may contain. The best option is to bring along a simple bar of quality handmade soap.

And with no reasonable limits on how many soaps you can bring along for the journey. Let’s take a closer look at the different options available when it comes to its transporting and storage.

Use A Plastic Soap Box

The old trusted soapbox has been around for a generation. Helping travellers to store their soap in a clean and safe location. Away from dust, hairs and other particles which tend to somehow get themselves attached.

Great for throwing into the gym bag, if possible one thing you should do beforehand is to dry the soap off a little bit. And even if you don’t, as soon as you get home take it out and let it breathe a little.

Try A Soap Bag

Soap bags come in all kinds of designs and materials. From nylon to muslin, there is a wide selection to choose from in which to store that slippery soap bar.

Just pop the bar inside one of these bags and it will begin to dry out. If extremely wet, it may leak some liquid. So best to place that bag inside another plastic bag to catch any excess.

Use A Soap Lift/Soap Dish

Leaving it to dry out first in a soap lift will allow you to store your soap more easily. Simply place it on the lift directly after your bath or shower and let it stand for several minutes.

When ready it will be much easier to transport in any of the methods I recommend. But it always helps if you give it a helping hand to get the ball rolling.

Soap Bar Case

A relatively new invention, the soap bar case allows you to place your soap inside a sealed case/bag. The material used allows the soap to breathe while at the same time not allowing the water to escape and leak all over your gym bag.

Designed with a roll-top closure, the liquids inside will not leak out no matter how wet it is. And also being a good size, they allow you to fit in a brand-new bar without any issues.

To fully close, just roll the top down three times and off you go. You don’t have to worry about taking it out when you go home. As the bag will do all the drying needed without even being opened, pretty nifty.

How About A Soap Pouch

Soap pouches are stand-alone bags used to carry specific brands of soap. Usually bought with an actual bar, you can of course just put your own in later on (providing it fits).

But the pouches are usually made from nylon and inside have an additional long piece of nylon which you use to wrap around the bar. This strip helps both dry the bar and keep your hands soap-free when putting it into the bag.

Pretty cool as they allow air to circulate so that the soap can fully dry. And it doesn’t end up leaking all around your toiletries bag.

Ziploc Bags Are Great

Plastic Ziploc bags are great for all manner of things at home. And in the bathroom, they are also well suited to storing your soap while travelling. Just pop the used bar in the bag, zip it up and off you go?

But just wait one moment, as while putting the soap in the bag is the end goal. If possible you should do two things first;

  • Dry the soap off as much as possible, even just by allowing it to sit on a surface and air a little
  • When you place the soap in the bag, make sure to leave some air inside as this will allow the soap to breathe.

Once you arrive at your destination take the soap out and allow it to stand where it can fully dry out. It’s also a good idea to give the ziplock bag a clean once in a while. Removing an excess soap or liquid which may have built up.

Some Other Ideas

As it’s all about making your gym session or travel experience as easy as possible. Here are some additional ideas that you can try. Please read on and see if any of these extra nuggets will help.

Turn Soap Into Shavings

You can use a cheese grater of some kind to actually take small shavings from the soap bar. You then use these smaller pieces by taking what you need with you to the gym.

This can save you from carrying around or using extra soap which is not required. And while it may be a little extra work, it definitely does help you to gauge how much you are using each time you wash.

Try Grinding It Down

Grinding the soap down means that you will be able to use what you need when you need it. So get some dry soap and throw it into a coffee grinder, adding some Kaolin Clay powder to help it stop sticking together.

Once you have ground the mix down, you will now be able to load it into a small container. So that when it comes time to wash you shake out what you need into your hand.

Meaning you are only using the soap required for that wash. While the rest stays in its container nice and dry and ready to go back into your gym bag. A really cool way to again keep an eye on how much of your precious soap you are using.

Make Smaller Pieces

If your soap is malleable, you can then form it into smaller pieces. Taking these smaller chunks from you have cut off. You can either leave them as squares or roll them into little ball shapes.

This will allow you to take these individual pieces with you when travelling. Saving you time by not having to dry out a full bar. Not carrying any unnecessary weight or wasting any of that beautiful homemade natural soap.

In Conclusion

Look, whether training in the gym or doing a regular 9 – 5, we all need to get in a good wash afterwards. And using some natural soap free of chemicals is the best way to go.

So finding the best methods in which to store and transport the soap is key. Avoiding any unnecessary mess and making sure the bar gets from A to B in as good a condition as possible.

And so follow some of my recommendations so that you can keep your bar in tip-top condition. With your travel or gym bag free of any unwanted leakages or mess.

As nothing beats a good shower after a hard session on the mats or a long day in the office. So stick to some of these pointers and make sure your next wash is as good or even more enjoyable than the last.