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Exactly How Much Does It Cost To Train Muay Thai in Thailand

The costs of training Muay Thai in Thailand.

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For those of us who fall in love with the sport of Muay Thai. One of my dreams is to make it to Thailand to train with those who live and breathe it every day. But the question that always pops up is how much is it to train Muay Thai in Thailand?

Basic Muay Thai training per week starts at around 2,300 THB. While training with accommodation per week starts at around 5,500 THB, depending on your location. Costs will vary depending on the standard of training and accommodation while in the country.

I am presuming that you are going to Thailand for the Muay Thai first, then location and environment second? Or is it the other way around or a little bit of both? The reason I am asking is that you will have to choose whether you want the hustle and bustle of the capital Bangkok or the calm tranquillity of say Phuket?

It really boils down to what Muay Thai gym you wish to attend or the life outside of training taking precedence. I am personally a little bit of both as you will be spending so much free time relaxing between training sessions. I do not want to be dealing with the big city, give me sandy beaches any day.

Before we do anything you need to know how much everything will cost you in real terms. So we need to convert all the following prices to our own currency to paint a clearer picture. So open this currency converter to work out how much you will pay and have it ready to go!

As prices are always changing from month to month and year to year. I thought the best way for you to get the most relevant up to date cost of living in Bangkok would be via a live price comparison website. I do try to think of everything!

How Much Do The Muay Thai Training Session Cost

Each Muay Thai gym is different and offers a number of options with their basic training session. But let’s just focus on the basic cost of a Muay Thai training session itself.

Two Muay Thai fighter throw punches during their fight
Two Muay Thai Fighters throwing punches.

If you are going to fly all the way to Thailand to train, then at the very least you should be getting in a week’s worth of training. With prices for a single week starting at 2,300 THB and going up to 4,300 THB. You have no excuses not to get in a killer week on the pads.

Prices for one month can start as low as 7,300 THB for a no-frills training only experience up to 12,000 THB training with meals. And as I mentioned previously, most of the gyms will offer a package of some kind. This may be something you are interested in or you may decide to organise things for yourself.

How Much Is Accommodation In Bangkok

In terms of accommodation in Bangkok, it really decided what level of comfort you want outside of your training time. Do you want to have the very basics and are happy to just put your head down and share a dorm room with others? With prices starting from 300 THB per night in Bangkok, this is without a doubt the cheapest option.

If however, you want to relax and savour your free time. Sleep when you need to sleep and not have to worry about when the shower will be free. Then perhaps a more upmarket hotel which can cost up to 4200 THB per night.

But all is not lost, as Airbnb now offers the opportunity to have your very own room or apartment right in the city. Offering some exceptional accommodation in and around the 1,300 THB price range.

When all is said and done, your budget will dictate what level of luxury you want during your training in Bangkok. If you do decide to do your own thing, then these are the ballpark prices for accommodation.

How Much Is Phuket Accommodation

Low-cost accommodation is all around in Phuket and you can find yourself a hostel dorm bed for as low as 130 THB, but as high as 840 THB. Again, one will be your bare-bones dorm with little in terms of activities or facilities. While the higher-priced beds can be a really nice location with lots to do. It all depends on what you want during your time in Phuket and what you decide to prioritise.

In terms of hotel rooms or apartment rooms, there are lots of options in the Phuket area. Do you want a room with air conditioning or will you go without it? With apartment rooms starting at 180 THB per night and ending up at the 346,576 THB, yes those are hundreds of thousands!

A more realistic cost for your average traveller would be the 2000 THB price range. Offering you some beautiful kingsize rooms, away from the crowds and noise of the lower-cost options.

In terms of Airbnb, there are lots of options in the Phuket region. But generally speaking, you can get a private room with a king size bed in and around the 1000 THB price range. Once again as a third option, Airbnb offers some fantastic value in this space.

Package Deals With Training And Accommodation

If you want to simplify things for yourself, then perhaps an all-inclusive package may be the right option for you. Offering you both the Muay Thai training you came for, along with accommodation and often meals too. A package deal may truly be the best option for you.

Check out some of the samples offered in the table below so that you can get a better idea of the price range you will be paying.

GymPackage1-week THB1-month THB
Tiger Muay ThaiBasic All-Inclusive 13,80041,000
Khongsittha GymTraining + Accommodation10,50029,000
Sumalee GymTwin Shared per person7,70028,800
Master ToddyVarious rooms5,50024,980
Muay Thai packages in Thailand.

Other Costs Involved

When you go away to any foreign country, it is usually the unseen costs that will catch you off guard. While you have been budgeting for your training and accommodation. You neglected to factor in the cost of local taxis, laundry (smelly training gear), internet connection, eating out, and how much a night out on the town will cost. Or some local activities you want to enjoy when you have a free day.

It’s these additional costs that may eat into your budget which you need to factor in so that you have enough money to ensure you don’t run out of cash midway through your time in Thailand.

Best Muay Thai Gyms

Finding the best Muay Thai gym for you really depends on your own level of training and what you want from the experience. A fighter who has been in and around the sport for many years will have very different requirements from a novice or someone who trains casually.

So what we will do here is take it that you are someone who is looking to go and try training Muay Thai in Thailand for the very first time. And you are someone who may be looking to test themselves, raise their ability level or perhaps even have a fight somewhere down the line.

A kickboxer land a high kick in a Muay Thai fight.
Fighters exchanging kicks in a Muay Thai fight.

So with those criteria in mind, let’s take a look at the best options and costs involved for you. Now while there are several main regions in which you can train including Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui.

As we are treating you as a newcomer and tourist who wants to also experience the main tourist areas and stay on the mainland itself. We will focus on the Bangkok and Phuket regions only.

After analysing lots of data and feedback from those who have trained at a range of gyms. Here are some of the best places for you to train while in Thailand.

Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy – Bangkok

One of the most well-known and world-famous Muay Thai gyms. Run by its legendary Grand Master Toddy aka Thohsaphon Sitiwatjana. Often referred to as “The father of Muay Thai” in the UK. Master Toddy’s is highly regarded by both the Muay Thai and MMA communities alike.

Jitti Gym – Bangkok

Choco block with professional trainers and ex-stadium fighters. This gym offers an excellent location coupled with world-renowned levels of training for beginners and pros. If you want the authentic Muay Thai experience then pop in here and you won’t be disappointed.

Tiger Muay Thai – Phuket

While one of the newest gyms on the Muay Thai landscape. TMT offers some of the very best training facilities, trainers and all-inclusive packages available. Its sprawling facility also offers MMA, with some of the very best western fighters calling the gym their second home.

Sumalee Boxing Gym – Phuket

With its location at the centre of Phuket island, Sumalee offers both quality training and an excellent level of service. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, the location of the gym allows you time to both think and train. with excellent connections to the coast. It’s a great option if you don’t want to be too immersed in the tourist environment.

In Conclusion

When it comes to training Muay Thai in Thailand you could not possibly cover any and all options. With some 60,000 active fighters in the country, there are gyms available to suit every possible level and taste.

Whether you are an amateur or professional fighter looking to improve your skillset. Training in the home of Muay Thai is a must-do on the bucket list. All you have to do is choose the gym that is right for you in terms of location, trainers and costs.

Once you have completed your research you will find what best suits your needs. So the best of luck on your search and your journey. Thailand is there waiting for you, so just go do it!