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Can Boxers Get Life Insurance Question Finally Answered

A boxer rests on the ropes during their sparring session.

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Boxing like so many other combat sports can be dangerous. While the early days of one-hour-plus organised bare-knuckle bouts are a thing of the past. Boxing itself has not managed to shake the curse of death in the ring. So with that in mind, many have asked whether boxers are able to get a life insurance policy to protect their loved ones should they be unfortunate enough to lose their life.

The simple answer is yes, boxers can get life insurance protection. While each case is different, today there is a host of insurers ready to offer life insurance to boxers. There will be specific criteria and not all applicants may be accepted. But as a general rule of thumb, today life insurance for most is a reality.

With the advent of improved ringside medical cover, the sport of boxing has become somewhat less dangerous than in the past. And while these individual stories of boxers losing their lives get covered incessantly by the media. For the vast majority of active fighters, very few in the grand scheme of things will lose their life.

We cannot totally discount those deaths in the ring, but at the very same time, we need to put things into perspective. Although boxing by its very nature can be a dangerous sport, where inflicting and receiving damage are all part and parcel of the process.

Can Boxers Get Life Insurance Question Finally Answered
A professional boxer landing a hard right-hand punch

Today through rigorous training and conditioning regimes. Improved diet and a much better understanding of warning signs, with fighters, trainers and officials now being more aware. There have been huge advancements in the monitoring of fighters’ health.

Although they are cut from the same cloth as those who came before. Today’s fighters are at the very least better informed about the risks they take each time they step into the ring. Knowing full well that this could be the day when it all comes crashing down. Yet still choosing to answer the call of battle.

So Are All Boxers Insured

Like any sport, some athletes do choose not to get insured. Often with low paychecks for their fights, some boxers choose to cut corners and save their money for other more pressing bills. So quite often may choose to go without in the hope or perhaps self-belief that they themselves will never get seriously hurt.

Yet another factor can influence the decision not to be insured. Those boxers are covered by gym insurance while they are training. This along with the policy that covers the actual fight itself is usually paid for by the promoter. So in their mind, there is no huge imperative to add yet another layer to the already existing cover.

However, this can be a short-sighted decision when we look at the amount of publicised information about the damage boxers take. From internal organ failure to even more worrying damage to the brain itself. There are a number of reasons why all boxers should consider full life insurance coverage throughout their careers.

Oleksandr Usyk Ukraine wearing blue boxing gloves.
World heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk.

But one of the reasons why someone chooses a sport like boxing may also play into their decision-making, being that they like to take risks. Believing in themselves and their skillset, it’s the reason why they keep coming back for more.

The act of competition in a one-on-one boxing match is as old as humanity itself. As humans, we always love to test ourselves, well some more than others. And it is in this vein of thought that boxers and all fighters exist. A rare breed who are willing to risk it all to find out who they truly are.

Some Boxing Brain Damage Statistics

One of the overarching worries that boxers have to be conscious of is damage to their brains. After all, boxing is a standup sport where concussive blows are thrown by opponents with the aim of knocking out or stopping their opponents. And whether we as fans like to admit it or not, we all love a good knockout.

But with most activities of this kind, those who watch from the sidelines never fully understand the pain and damage a fighter must go through in their battles. In fact, it has often been commented on that certain fights shortened a career.

Classic slugfests like the Arturo Gatti vs Mickey Ward trilogy. Muhammed Ali vs George Foreman in Zaire Africa, where Ali allowed Foreman to punch him without offering up and defence. And who could forget one of the most brutal unanswered knockouts in heavyweight boxing history in Ray Mercer vs. Tommy Morrison?

These fights can be held up as perfect examples of when a fighter’s heart takes over from their brain. Meaning they are willing to put it all on the line in order to win the war. It’s the very reason they jump in the ring in the first place. Not to be labelled second best, but to dominate their opponent in a devastating fashion.

Can Boxers Get Life Insurance Question Finally Answered
A female and male boxer sparring.

An estimated 90% of boxers are expected to experience one brain injury or more during their career. Some will be fine and avoid any long-term life-altering damage. But as we have seen time and time again, others may not be so lucky. With multiple high-profile cases including famous names such as Gerald McClellan and of course Muhammed Ali.

So there is little doubt that should fighters decide to have life insurance in place. With regular checkups and modern medical treatments. Many of the now-infamous cases leading to death could well have been spotted before things went too far.

Where Can I Get Boxing Insurance Coverage

There are a number of established health insurers who are more than willing to offer life insurance coverage to boxers. In general, the bigger companies tend to steer clear, deciding to focus their resources on the more lucrative and less risky categories. But a general Google search for “boxing insurance coverage” for instance, will offer you a trove of potential options.

As mentioned previously, with improvements in technology, awareness of the risks involved. Today’s athletes are far better informed than those who have come before. Taking care of their personal health through routine checkups. Full screenings after their bouts and even not allowing them to fight at all if there is an underlying health condition.

Insurance companies have tried and tested ways in which to minimise their risk. Their loss is the loss of the fighter in terms of payouts due to death. So it is also in their best interest to ensure the person they are insuring never manages to cash in on their policy.

Some Final Thoughts

So we know from experience that boxing can indeed be a dangerous sport. With a deep and rich history, the sport also lays claim to the fact that many have died while partaking in their chosen career. That being said, many fighters do traverse the entirety of their careers without receiving long-term damage.

Depending very much on their fighting style, skill, athleticism and toughness. There are several potential outcomes for those who decide to step inside the squared circle. How things do turn out is down to a whole host of factors and sometimes pure luck.

But whatever a boxer decides to do they should at least for a moment consider the pitfalls. If not for themselves, then for those nearest and dearest. With family often left to pick up the broken pieces, life insurance should at the very least be part of the discussion.