The Fight Nomads Story

It all started with a vision, one simple idea. To find the very best coaches and fighters alive on the planet today! And bring them together at one beautiful location for a once in a lifetime training camp.

We are the same team that brought you Who have been involved in the martial arts scene for much longer. We saw an opportunity to create camps for people who love to take part and train. Whether that be Mixed Martial Arts, Thai and or kickboxing, MMA Wrestling,  No-Gi BJJ or Boxing. All the facets of the Arts which build the MMA puzzle.

We thought to ourselves, why can’t it be done? And more importantly, why isn’t it being done? And with that simple goal in mind, we launched the Fight Nomads network.

Boxing gloves on the mat.

A group of clubs and individual members which stretches around the globe. Bringing people from all over the world together for just one goal, to train and learn. In an amazing location with a bunch of fellow world travelers. Sharing our knowledge and experience with those around us. To make us better fighters and people.

Our network also offers individual members who are traveling or moving to new locations around the world. The ability to connect and attend their next training centre or buy apparel at discounted rates. While offering those clubs and academies unrivaled access and exposure to our entire database.

Our Training Camps

We take this ethos of learning and development. To create an experience which all attendees will take with them for the rest their lives. Getting an opportunity to interact and work alongside the very best competitors and coaches in the business. Which will for some, change the course of their lives.

Our training camps are structured in such a way that they create a fun, yet testing environment. With our main goal being that above anything else! You have a great time while with us.

We hope to see you soon, as you join us on this wonderful journey.

Fight Nomads Team